Monday, October 3, 2016

I Am a Leader

Everyone is a leader in their own way. I am a leader because I strive to include everyone and their varying ideas, will follow when others are leading instead of trying to take over, and take charge when nobody else can or will.

When I work with others, I make sure to check for their input and to accommodate their needs. This is important for leadership because to lead is to collaborate with others and to do so, you must include and accommodate them. For example, on the Leadership Retreat we were doing an activity which involved some people being lifted by others. A couple of my classmates were mentioning their discomfort with being lifted but were ignored for the most part. I made sure the plan for accomplishing the task was changed to accommodate their needs. This was crucial because everybody should be able to participate in a task without doing things they aren’t okay with, within reason.

Further, if someone else is more fit or just takes charge first to lead a project, I’m willing to step back and let them lead. This is essential because no one person is the best choice to lead in every scenario. Different people have different skills and strategies, after all. One way of going about things might work perfectly in one case but be completely unviable in another. For example, when a game was introduced to a group of people I knew, I was one of the earliest adopters and helped spread it around the group. However, when people started discussing implementing more systems around it to turn it into a more in-depth game, I stepped back as I didn’t have the skills to work on setting that up. It was important that I fell back because I would have bogged down the project with my lack of competency in that area.

Furthermore, I don’t hesitate rise to a task when others won’t or can’t. This is vital to being a leader as to be one, you must step up to do so. A time when I put this into practice was when my mother completely broke her arm. Some of my family was away at the time so it was just me, my mom, and my younger sister at home. When my mom broke her arm, I immediately jumped into action. I took care of everything: phoning someone to take her to the hospital, alerting the rest of the family, and taking care of my sister for the rest of the night. This example fits because I was the only one who could do what I did because of the circumstances.

As you can clearly see, I’m a leader in a way particular to me. I include and accommodate others, I’m willing to fall back and let others lead, and I take charge when nobody else does.In order to lead effectively, everybody must find their own niche in leadership. Go find your way to lead!

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